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Djävla Delicious

Sound Design

Platform: PC

Genre: VR Cooking Game

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Production Time: 4 weeks

Role: Sound Designer

Team Size: 10

Ideation, Voice acting,
Audio Implementation,

In Djävla Delicious you take the role of a frycook for demonkind, with a talking grill and portal to hell and uncountable “mystery meats” to choose from, it’s your job to cook the customers something good, so they do not tire and take their patronage elsewhere.

This is the second project I took on at Futuregames and while it was another Unreal Engine game the restriction that the game had to be a VR game put some limitations on the team, one of them being that testing, which is best done by the main scripter, could only be done by one person.

In light of this I took on the Sound Designer role, given I already had some experience touching up audio for my own voice acting work.

For Djävla Delicious I wrote, recorded and implemented the dialogue into the game.

Basic gameplay loop

With a fairly simple premise, very much inspired by games like Fruit Ninja, albeit with an amusingly grotesque twist.

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