Alexander Iain Baxter

Voice actor and renaissance man


Telephone: +46 (0)76290 0113 


Project Lead and Scripter

Platform: PC

Genre: Sidescrolling Platformer

Engine: Unreal 4

Production Time: 2 weeks

Role: Project Lead, Scripter

Team Size: 8

Scripting, Ideation,

Meowstronaut is a sidescrolling 3d platformer, where you play as a brave cat astronaut who must perform a daring mission aboard a derelict vessel. This was the first project during my time at Futuregames.

The gameplay consists of aiming the mouse where you want to go, clicking and holding down the mouse button to charge your suits boosters and letting go to blast off.

My primary role in this project was ostensibly as the Project Lead. This meant that most of my time was spent communicating between the Design team and the 3d Graphics team, while also trying to steer the project towards the end goal.

Scripting became secondary, as the two other designers picked up the slack. There was time for me to do a little bit of scripting though. With the help of a second year student, he showed me how to write a script that smoothly panned the camera to the position between the mouse cursors position and the player character.

Needless to say this did a lot to make the camera movement feel smooth and intuitive.

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