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Calavera Quest

Level Design

Platform: Android

Genre: 2d Vertical Platformer

Engine: Unity 5

Production Time: 3 weeks

Role: Level Designer,

Team Size: 6

Contribution: Level Design

Tools Used: Unity, Photoshop.

Calavera Quest is a vertical platforming game where you play as the cat Meatloaf, stranded in the Land of the dead during the mexican holiday Dias De Los Muertos. He must escape before the day is up. It is a game that focuses on precise controls and aims to have a playful and colourful tone.

Overview & Design Goals

Design Goals

  • Adapted for Vertical Gameplay
  • Increasingly Difficult
  • Collectibles
  • Easy Controls

Seeing as the game is meant to be played in a portrait perspective on phones, we decided to have the gameplay consist only vertical movement. The levels also increase in difficulty by adding more obstacles in your way and longer distances between platforms, as well as hiding the skull collectibles that you need to proceed in increasingly out of the way spots.

You control Meatloaf by tapping him then pulling your finger back to control the direction and force with which Meatloaf should jump.


The character begins at the bottom of a stage and climbs to the top. The player has the option to pick up skulls along the way. These skulls are then used to unlock the following stage.


Level Design

The levels were sketched out on paper first, so as to have a rough idea of what the levels would play like, even before game was playable. Difficulty was then tweaked, so as to ramp up with the later levels, more blocking layers being added and the like.

The paper prototype was drawn in Photoshop, given a legend to signify what the simple symbols represented in the sketch and then served as the basis which I designed the levels after.

I was presented with ready made parts that could then be assembled into the level I wanted. The level arting, was for the most part built into the level design, though the levels did also go through an art pass, in which the level was passed from me to the level artist for some polish.



We decided to keep monetization options small for starters, the player has the option to pay for a clump sum of skulls or collect the requisite amount from replaying the level they just played. Optional monetization could also be added, letting players watch ads to proceed or gain skulls. Part of each purchase would also go to charities helping  cats in Stockholm.


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