Alexander Iain Baxter

Voice actor and renaissance man


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The Rose of Eternity – Family and Country

Writer & Voice Actor

Platform: PC

Genre: CRPG Total-Conversion

Engine: Dragon Age: Origins

Production Time: 1 year, intermittent

Role: Scripter

Team Size: Single

Voice acting, writing.

Rose of Eternity – Family and Country is a total conversion mod for Dragon Age: Origins. It is the latest is a series of total conversion mods. The previous entries were made in the Aurora toolset for the cRPG Neverwinter Nights.

In Rose of Eternity – Family and Country I started of as simple voice talent, initially given wide leeway with delivery and wording of my lines, but this role was expanded to the point were I ended up both extensively rewriting the scenes I was in and adding entirely new scenes after I had learned enough about the setting itself.

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